The L-day is an annual meeting for lesbian and bisexual women and their sympathizers. L-day stands for fun & empowerment! Workshops, debates, an L-café, an L-Pride, the L-Party, a small market and so much more ...

Come join us and let’s meet, discover and enjoy!


Visibility is very important.    Without visibility …

  • You might feel as if you don’t count
  • You cannot truly be yourself
  • You don’t know how many like you there are
  • But most important: people are unable to witness your awesomeness

LesBi’s in all shapes and sizes

Even though many stereotypes exist, there is no such thing as a typical lesbian. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors, each with their own preferences and convictions.

With L-day, we aim to provide a warm and safe meeting spot for all women who also love women, regardless of their age, religion, race, gender identity, skintone, … we welcome anyone who sympathizes with our cause!


As 2018 L-Day's theme was visibility, we also wanted to be visible in the streets. That’s why we were organizing the first Lesbian parade through Leuven.

The first L-pride highlighted women who also love women, but our doors are open to everyone who wants to join us and carry on this message.